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Michael Priebe

Managing Director

Michael is one of the leading thinkers and innovators in the Australian public affairs and corporate advisory landscape. An accomplished corporate strategist, Michael is renowned for his creative ideas, leadership and delivery of solutions which address complex commercial issues in the Australian market.

Michael brings a unique blend of experience in government, politics and the private sector and has guided some of the largest and most challenging transactions involving government in the Australian market. The growth of Statecraft since the company’s inception in 2006 under his stewardship is a testament to Michael’s leadership qualities and his track record of delivering results.

Greg Holland


Combining broad experience in government and the private sector, Greg has a sophisticated understanding of the contours of public policy. Supported by a strong network of political, business and media stakeholders, Greg provides clients with the high level strategic counsel and insight to identify and harness opportunities emerging from the significant structural changes underway in government.

A past-President of the Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club and a former board member of the Cronulla Sharks Rugby League Football Club, Greg strongly advocates the impact of community-minded individuals in shaping organisational culture.

Greg holds a Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) from the University of Canberra.

CT Johnson


CT Johnson is one of Australia’s leading authorities on China. He is the author of Riding The Dragon: Managing Your Chinese Investors, Partners & Employees. He’s spent the last 20 years working with and for multinational companies in Western Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia, the US and China. CT has worked on a range of complex transactions in heavily regulated sectors. That experience, combined with his cross-border expertise, means he is well placed to assist Statecraft’s clients and partners.

CT is an American and now lives in Australia. Previously he lived in the US, Russia and China. He started his career with Ernst & Young and later worked for Swedish telecom equipment-maker Ericsson and Chinese technology giant Huawei. In addition to English, CT speaks German, Russian and Mandarin.

Anna Nix Kumar


Bringing a wealth of experience in both the American and Australian political arenas, Anna is a sharp-minded strategist and communications professional. Anna employs the latest tactics and analysis to deliver for clients, drawing on 15 years’ experience working on American and Australian political campaigns, and in the US Congress.

Since moving to Australia in 2013, Anna has worked alongside both State and Federal governments. She excels at distilling complex issues into executable strategies and delivering multifaceted commercial and issues campaigns.

As a delegate to the Young Leadership Dialogue of the Australian American Leadership Dialogue, Anna takes a personal interest in ensuring diplomatic and business ties between Australia and America remain strong. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Public Communications from American University in Washington, D.C.

Zann Maxwell

Associate Consultant

Zann excels at navigating the risks and opportunities that exist where business, politics, and policymaking intersect.

With 10 years’ experience across three parliaments, including the office of Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, Zann has an intuitive feel for the undercurrents of the political landscape, and has an established bipartisan network at both state and federal levels of government.

Zann consulted for boutique investment firms and non-profit organisations before transferring his legal, economic, and policy experience to Statecraft’s commercial environment. A graduate of Melbourne Law School and Massey University, Zann holds Juris Doctor and Bachelor of Arts degrees.

Vitoria Sponda

Business Analyst

Originally from Brazil, with professional experience in South America, the UK and Australia, Vitoria can navigate the most complex corporate landscapes. She has a passion for positioning investment deals and can effectively identify, analyse and navigate potential risk across a range of heavily regulated sectors and markets.

Combining superior research and analytical skills, Vitoria has created a lucrative equity portfolio, acknowledging market trends and staying ahead of the curve.

Fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish, Vitoria is a naturally curious thinker who prides herself in creating opportunities for clients. Vitoria holds a Bachelor degree of Extended Finance from University Technology of Sydney.